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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

iphone photos from lisbon

i'm going to have to stop taking so many photos with my iphone.
when 2013 starts there will be biggish changes on this blog.

one of them will be that there will be far less iphone pics.
maybe i'll limit it to one a week, you know like having an iphone photo
of the week. or perhaps i'll pick a certain day and have say "iphone friday"
where all the photos that day are from my phone.


anyway, in the meantime, here are some iphone photos from last weekend
when i was in sunny lisbon.

hotel breakfast

a little bubble car in a museum. 
i think this is pretty much my dream car. 

a nata. 
these are genius. if you've had one of these in england, forget it.
go to portugal. lisbon is home of the nata. 
buy a nata in lisbon and you'll see what i mean.

i have it on good authority that the portuguese translation for 'flatfishes' is...
'boring fishes'
if that's true then i reckon both languages have it spot-on.

a nicely worded menu.

travelling on the no.28 tram one evening i turned around and looked out of
the open window behind me... 
and saw a hand.

the hand moved away, so i leant out of the window and saw this

some lad wearing headphones cadging a ride, hanging onto the back of the tram.

hmmm... is he flicking the v's at me or what ?

obrigado lisboa.

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