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Thursday, 25 October 2012

on the great wall of china

on the great wall of china i saw a model and a few chancers
attempting to do a bit of a photo shoot.
they were struggling though, due to the heat, the bright light
and too many australian tourists.

the model was doing that thing that most models do...
messing about with her mobile

however she did look up and give me a bit of a smile when she saw i had a camera.
i took one shot, said thank-you, then carried on with the team walk along the wall.

a little while later as i was walking back to the cable car ( that's right )
i bumped into her and her crew again
once more she gave me a bit of a smile.
( i just noticed that the boss's boss is in the background of this shot, and also
i think that's the boss in the background on the left )

a few steps on i bumped into one of the assistants who was using a big
reflector to shelter from the hot sun
at least i think that's what she was doing.
perhaps she just couldn't put it away properly ?

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