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Sunday, 21 October 2012

( multee ) project matte pink caribiner for breast cancer awareness month

i've been meaning to tell you about this for a couple of weeks or more.

there's a company called ( multee ) project in california.
they make the most fantastic caribiners.
not only are they strong and sturdy but they are designed beautifully.
i'll put a link to the website at the bottom of this post and you can
read about them.

maybe have a look at the blog part of their website and see how the 
caribiners came about.

they come in two colours


antique silver

here's a closer look at the brass caribiner
the spring is behind the hinge rather than on the inner sleeve.

and they come with three high grade hinged snap rings
i can't stress enough... these are quality things

not only are they functional ( i have one on my camera bag at all times )
but they look fantastic too.
the brass model looks like gold. it's almost like a piece of jewellery.

so what i was going to say was... get on the ( multee ) project website
and buy a few of these bad boys. they're great things to have, but they are
also good presents to give to people.

then just when i was about to tell you about them, they brought out a 
special limited edition ( the magic words ) caribiner.
only available for the month of october.
it comes in a box wrapped in pink tissue paper

here's the box
still teasing...

and the reveal
a matte pink caribiner

it's only available this month and ( multee ) project will donate $5 from
each sale to breast cancer awareness charity
trust me on this. these things are magic.
if the pink is too hot for you, and you're not interested in it being a limited
edition then treat yourself to one or both of the others. you won't be disappointed.
( maybe even tell them that you saw my blog )

( multee ) project

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