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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

now i've seen it all ( iphone pic )

capri is pretty posh right ?

so can you imagine how posh the gucci shop on capri is ?

that's right... very.

so me and mrs w are having a look around the gucci shop and it's beautiful.
even by gucci standards it's really nice. there's the usual stuff but also some
resort collection bags that were mmmm...

so we're behaving nicely saying 'grazie' and i'm walking with my hands 
behind my back like the duke of edinburgh or my friend benito.

it's all very peaceful and classy.

then some old chinese bloke wearing sandals comes in. 
sits down on the sofa, opens up his rucksack and pulls out a flask.

i'm kind of watching him thinking "no... surely not"

then he unscrews the top of the flask and pours himself a coffee.

by now i'm reaching for my phone... i need to get a photo of this.

luckily there's plenty of time as he then took out a plastic flask or bottle
from his rucksack and poured some milk into his coffee !
then bold as brass he started slurping back his coffee... right in the middle 
of the gucci shop on the isle of capri !

i mean to say, you wouldn't do that would you  ?

for one thing you just wouldn't do it, but if for some reason you really wanted 
a coffee and you couldn't find a cafe in capri...
( well that's stupid, there were cafes everywhere )

say if you didn't want to spend 2 euros on a coffee and you'd had the 
foresight to bring your own coffee and milk... well, you'd pour yourself one
out by the main square or lean against a wall, find a bench or something right ?

i have to say, well maybe it's one of those "you had to be there" things but
i don't think so. surely it's just as strange to you lot reading this right ?

he didn't even seem to be with anybody but even if his missus was buying a
£1000 handbag or whatever, you still shouldn't pull out your flask eh ?

now i've seen it all.

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