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Monday, 15 October 2012

last sunday ( iphone pics )

last sunday i woke up at 3.15am
i suppose my body was still operating on uk time.

still, there was a 24 hour diner around the corner from my hotel so after
taking a long walk and a long shower...
there i was, in a booth with all my mates

corned beef hash, home fried potatoes, 2 poached eggs.
also included but not pictured were two rounds of wholemeal toast
and some grape jelly.

after breakfast i took a stroll around the block
and dropped in at the 24 hour pharmacy
where i almost bought these

but instead, i limited my spending to the essentials.
replacing stuff i'd forgotten to bring along

back in my hotel room i noted the very nice clock
which i liked so much, i looked on amazon to see how much they cost.

my hotel room was very decent. lots of nice touches including...

for a quick fix
right ?

i decided to debut my team 'get buckets' t-shirt
which turned out later in the day to be quite funny

sorry about this photo but there's no point in lying...
i liked my hair so much, i took some photos of it !

er... moving on...
i had an appointment at 21 mercer ( don't judge me )
where parked just outside was a very nike number plate

inside 21 mercer
this photo tells quite a story...though not one i'm going to tell just yet.
what i will say though is that the shoe at the top left just under the red parcel 
should look familiar to you... right ?
i will also say that the red parcel contained a length of material that i brought to
new york with me... a parcel which was sent to me from the outer hebrides.

also, see the big square brown / black swatch ?

it's a digital camo material by maharam

my new friend 'overtime' was having a long hard look at these bad boys
special edition deconstruct bespokes.
i was tempted... but i resisted.

at 21 mercer i chatted for a while with 'g' who works there.
at one point he asked "do you know rocky ?"
my reply was to unzip my jacket and show my 'buckets' t-shirt.
'g' responded with a smile and then unzipped his fleece.
what are the chances ? probably about 20 of these t-shirts ever made.

time was tight though so i had to say goodbye to 'g' and 21 mercer
i also had to say goodbye to 'overtime' who i feel like is one of my oldest friends
even though we'd only connected by email about a month earlier and met for the
first time about 2 hours ago. 
'overtime' is top man and hopefully we'll meet up again soon.

i then met up with asiatic ( more about him later ) who took me to a great
place near orchard street for meatballs
i think i had beef and pork spicy meatballs with parmesan focaccia.
we sat outside even though it was a bit parky and chatted away.
good times.

asiatic had to go after a couple of hours, so we said goodbye and i headed
back to my hotel. it was probably about 6.30pm and i was absolutely shattered.
i guess i'd been up since 3am-ish and hadn't slept much for two nights
so i strolled off in the direction of my hotel.
then the thought occurred to me... i hadn't had a coffee since 6am.
all day without a coffee.
then as soon as i thought about it i looked around and the next shop along was
a really cool looking coffee joint. it was absolutely empty too ( perfect )
it was then that i ordered up my first flat white of the trip.
obviously this is an iphone pic and it doesn't look all that.
but if ever a coffee could make a grown man cry this was it.
the sheer desperation for a good coffee, the tiredness that was setting in, plus finding not a starbucks or whatever, but a really amazingly stylish place with my favourite amount of people in the place ( zero )

well, it was perfect.

then back to my room, a film and zzzzz...

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