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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


i was at twentytwentyone a few weeks ago for a design week bash.
after wading into the wine and chatting with m1 and the twentytwentyone boys
about canoeing, camping and trainers, i decided to have a look around
and take a few photos.

i took some photos of the stuff that was launching that night but i'll show 
you those photos another time.

these are just a few things i saw that took my fancy.

i like bags.
i have too many bags, but what can i do ? 
( yes, i know... i should stop buying them )

these bags ticked most of my boxes. good canvas, nice leather, great zips.
i wasn't a fan of the label though. it seems like an inside label. not good enough 
to grace the exterior of the bag.
i think if i had one of these bags i'd sew a patch over the label.
what do you reckon ?

nice brush thing.
at whitfield towers we call this type of thing a cletterer.
do you know why ?

outstanding !

after foxes, owls are my second favourite mythical creatures.
what ?

these lights at twentytwentyone are very up my street.
they look good but don't exactly chuck out a lot of light.

if you're ever in n1 you should deffo check out twentytwentyone.
it's an amazing shop and you will i guarantee find something nice there that
you will take home with you... hopefully you will pay for it first.

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