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Friday, 12 October 2012

honky tonk

i did a tricky shoot a couple of weeks ago.
i had to take some photos at a restaurant that wasn't ready.
in fact the whole place was pretty much a building site when i got there.
honestly, everything else out of shot was builders and building equipment.
we just had to rig up a small corner of the place to try and make it look ready.

this is the shot we managed to get
oh, we needed to get a shot to press that day. that's why the rush.

a week later i went back. unfortunately i couldn't shoot from the same angle
as there were now tables standing where i was previously.
anyway, this is how it looks now.

 here's another view
trust me, it's a really nice place.

oh, here's a shot of the bar area with the restaurant in the background
the food at this place is spot-on. proper decent food done well.
the drinks are pretty special too.
if you're ever in the sw10 area i recommend you give it a try.

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