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Thursday, 4 October 2012

converse watch in italy ( iphone pics )

do you ever sit on a bench in regents park and watch people walk by and
try to count which brand of trainers is the most popular ?

no ?

it's just me then.

you should try it. sit down with your missus / girlfriend / boyfriend / dog
and each pick a brand. first one to count ten wins.

but here's my tip... don't do the obvious thing and say "i'll have nike"
don't even say the next obvious thing "i'll have adidas"

no... do you want to know what the most popular brand will be ?


go on, try it.

not in a gym or in a posh bar or anything, but just somewhere
normal like a park bench or outside a cafe in the west end watching people walk by.


i'm off to new york next week so i'll maybe do a coffee shop watch for a little while.
i get the feeling nike might win it in new york, but in london i do think converse,
and in particular converse all stars are the winners.

in italy... in italy it isn't even close. 
i think i probably saw a handful of nikes all week.

no, in italy, converse rule.
next time you're over there check it out.

a japanese tourist in naples with leopard print all stars ( asia exclusives )

another japanese girl on the boat to capri

you know full well this bloke is standing at a bar drinking an espresso

and so is this lady.
i've got to say, though i do like some converse, i'm not a fan of these chucks that 
don't have laces.

anyway, next time you're looking at somebody sitting down and you have 
a little bet with your partner as to what shoes the person is wearing.
don't forget my tip... choose converse. you'll see.

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  1. so tell me, at what age does it become illegal to be seen wearing a pair of converse?