snapshots and observations

Monday, 1 October 2012

holiday read ( iphone pic )

the day before i flew to capri i met up with credit and mrs credit
for a meal in the city ( ec2 if you must know )

when i'd finished bitching up some trader i'd had the misfortune to
meet the previous day, credit gave me two tips.

the first was to listen to a certain song ( that i won't mention here )
it's featured in the film 'moneyball' and he said it's the sort of song
that once you hear, you'll never get it out of your head...
( sadly, i downloaded it later and yes... he was right )

tip two was better in my opinion. he advised me to buy a book
he'd read recently. i think he said that it was very me, though
maybe i'm making that bit up ?

anyway, hidden away behind a million copies of 'fifty shades of bullshit'
at w.h. smiths at the airport i actually found it...

and i took it to capri with me and read it by the pool every day.

so now let me pass on credit's tip to you all.

if you haven't yet read this book, please do. you will love it.

and if by any chance you don't like it...

... credit will give you your money back !


  1. Cool thanks Mark, this received a few recommendations and was on my list - will bump it to the top!

  2. this came on amazon for 20p this week for the kindle edition, and after reading this a few months ago i downloaded without hesitation. I have to say that is the best 20p i have ever spent. only half way through but cant put it down, a great read.

    1. glad to hear it joe. it's a corker isn't it ?