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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

italian edition converse ( iphone pics )

there was a big shop next to the capri palace hotel.
it's what my nan would have called a 'posh shop'

it sold stuff my missoni, pucci, cavalli, armani, you get the drift.
oh it also sold those little capri sandals that seem to be just a little 
leather sole and a few strips of leather... for £300+

after spending a few minutes admiring the hundreds of pairs of vilebrequin
shorts on display i finally managed to find a small section selling trainers.

these were so shocking i had to pick them up and photograph them
converse all stars. black but with a camo tongue with a brass star attached.
also they have a worn effect on the sole, toe and converse patch.

i thought they were fakes to be honest... i mean just look at them
camo heel loop with another unnecessary star and more worn effects on the 
sole and all star patch.

so i sent these pics to my contact at converse hq in london who told me they
were specially made for the italian market and were selling like hot cakes.


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