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Saturday, 19 April 2014

a few more portraits

a few more portraits from my website.
and perhaps ( if i can be bothered / remember ) a few words to accompany them.

albeiro. he used to work in my building.
i did some portraits of him to send back to his family in colombia.

erin o'connor. i photographed her backstage at the old vic a few years ago.
i had only 3 or 4 minutes but got some really nice portraits of her
( if i say so myself )

martin parr.
my favourite photographer.
i shot him at the tate modern a few years ago.
he was a nice bloke.

what's this bloke's name ?
oh dear... i can't remember. i remember he was called bob
and he was ( like me ) deeply welsh.
he was in that film master and commander with russell crowe
and he was also in 'hunky dory' last year ( which was a great film )
oh... it'll come to me... bob somebody anyway.

this portrait was at the border of england and scotland.
he was the singer of a band that i thought was going to make it big time.

i was wrong.

my friend and assistant g-fog, maybe 3 years ago.

jeff the chef... and his lobster friend.

grrr ! i can't remember this lad's name.
he was a barman though at a new place i was photographing.
or should i say a mixologist at a new place i was photographing.

kitty and teta... i remembered their names no problem.
they were performers at a restaurant called circus.

i can't remember this fellow's name... but he was french.


that's all for now.

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