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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

square format iphone pics ( instagram )

do you do instagram at all ?

i do.

if you want to follow me i'm @markwhitfieldphotography

because of instagram i now take quite a lot of iphone pics
using the square format.

do you want to see some ?

ok, here are a few.

my coasters ( stainless steel )

my new sweatshirt.

a t-shirt i've had for over a year, that i finally debuted last week.

scarf / sweatshirt combo i was thinking about wearing to a footy match.

my new iphone cover

tuesdays on instagram is camotuesdays

loopwheeler fleece, panerai watch.
sometimes if i'm bored i just photograph anything.

shyeah... i found my old batmobile.
skill !

some steak and some chips.
what ?

my new t-shirt
as you know, i'm deeply welsh.

though i do like a full english.

some baby milo figures on one of my shelves.

it's a long story...

a flat white i actually made at no.26

spoongame on point as ever at no.26

oi oi !

tree spirits amongst the sakura in n7.

more square nonsense tomorrow perhaps.

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