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Monday, 21 April 2014

easter monday

right, before i bore you with photos from paris...
( what i mean is, before i edit my paris photos )

let me show you a few other pics i have kicking about.

i bumped into my friend barrington a couple of weeks ago.
he showed me some of his very impressive collection of...
er, what are those things called ? that you use to catch fish with...

they look really nice.
i've never been into fishing, in fact i've only ever tried it twice.
but i was never offered these little things to play with.

they're great aren't they ?
i don't think they're for using on a canal though, which was where i did my first
attempt at fishing ( when i caught nothing )
or when fishing for mackerel in a boat off the west coast or ireland where it
seemed to me that the fish were throwing themselves at the hooks to get caught
and i lost count of how many of the fools i caught.

these things barrington had though... they were amazing.

i might just start collecting them for the halibut
( leave it - ed )

oi oi !

moving on...

a bloke in wales sent this to me last week.
a model of a sports photographer.
can you guess how big it is ?

i guess it was a subbuteo accessory

some japanese chewing gum.
just what the doctor ordered.

some air max 1's i bought from liberty.
ropey laces though.

paris stuff tomorrow.

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