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Saturday, 26 April 2014

iphone saturday

just a few odd iphone pics today.

some very tidy socks that came from canada.

doner kebab camo... what's not to like ?

atmos af-1's.
only available from one shop in the world.

i love these old menus. peg boards ?

perhaps my favourite sight on the isle of wight.

a sneaky mirror shot in apostrophe a few saturdays ago.

another mirror shot. trying on a polo shirt at marc jacobs and
not looking too happy about it.

from the top deck of a 38 bus i spotted a couple of jack the lads.
both wearing pastel shade shirts tucked into pale jeans. both wearing puma.
note the lad nearest to me has a spare bottle of beer in each of his back pockets.
he also has a bottle of beer in his left hand and is speaking on his mobile
which he's holding in his right hand.

it's at about this point that they spot two girls on boris bikes.

at this point the jack the lad at the rear decides to check out the two girls.

while still on the phone he makes contact with the girls with a trademark 
"oi oi ! "
upon hearing this cry, the lad in the pink shirt turns around.

sadly this was the last photo i took of the scene, which is a shame.
the lad in the blue shirt tried getting on the back of the girl in the 
white top's bike... while still holding his beer and phone and with 
two bottles of beer in his back pockets.

oh well, it was funny at the time.

talking of time...
i dug this old bape x casio g-shock out for camo tuesday a couple of weeks ago.

camo tuesday is an instagram thing.
do you do instagram ?
i'd recommend it, especially if you like my nonsense.
follow @markwhitfieldphotography

talking of sock club london
here's one of our efforts which we had made into stickers

another sticker

and another

and finally

so, to recap...

get yourself on instagram and follow

and check out

message ends...

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