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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

( multee ) project type 2 caribiner

one of my favourite accessories is the ( multee ) project caribiner.

if you haven't got one yet, shame on you. the type 1 is a really nice bit of kit.

but guess what ?

they just released the type 2 caribiner.
i received one through the post the other day.
nice box.

inside, the type 2.

it's slightly smaller than the type 1 and as far as i can see the only other
difference is that the three rings are held in place in their assigned holes.

it's a real quality piece.

seriously, check out their website now.

send some money to cali and you'll have one of these within the week.

while you're on the website you should also check out their trousers...

oh and the business card wallet.

( multee ) project is nothing to do with me by the way, i just like their products.

soon enough i'll be talking about items for sale which are to do with me.


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