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Monday, 7 April 2014

eat something and say something

more pics from one of my shoots in china a couple of years ago

we were invited to the home of a chinese family to have something to eat

this is the nice lady who let me photograph in her kitchen and in her home.

and this is her husband.
oh... they lived near to the great wall of china.

seeing the ingredients she was going to use left me with a feeling of dread.

look as i might, i could not see any oven chips.

i think this was their son revving up the oven.
need i tell you how hot it was here ?

honestly. it was el scorchio.

eggs were brought to the table, some meat too.
still no oven chips but perhaps if i asked nicely she might make me
a chicken omelette ?

was it chicken though ?

you've got to understand there was a bit of a language barrier.
i hinted that i fancied an omelette with the meat and maybe some
of those chillies.
i also asked for some chips but...

she threatened to whack me with her spatula if i mentioned chips again.

which made me feel quite sad.

not as sad as i was after watching this video though...

monday's are always kind of sad though right ?

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