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Thursday, 10 April 2014

magic darts ( a quick and easy blog post )

let's start off with a video today.

i'm not a fan of coldplay, but i'm a fan of this video.

i like ziyi zhang ( or zhang ziyi as she's sometimes known )

and i'm also something of a fan ( if that's the word ) of jonas akerlund.


i am a fan of coffee.
here's a flat white i had recently
it was magic darts.

i'll make a comeback with a better blog post tomorrow with lots of nice photos
but today i'm a bit busy and well if you must know...

... last night i was in a bit of a car crash.
i'm fine although my quiff was a little damaged.
today i've been busy sorting out insurance ( for my jam jar, not my barnet )

but tomorrow i'll be back with a few decent photos.

until then.

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