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Friday, 11 April 2014


i had a shoot with a chef on tuesday and wednesday this week.
the whole shoot was photographing breakfasts.
a bacon and egg muffin. what's not to like ?

no way !
some big old mushrooms and blue cheese.
that's a dealbreaker.

spicy beans on toast with a fried egg and melted cheese.
magic darts !

ham and cheese toasted sandwich.
( i'm not calling it by it's french name )

some sort of breakfast drinks.
tomato flavoured though.
like tea, tomato juice is not my cup of tea.

my lunch on wednesday.

a burger with bacon and cheese, and some chips for luck.

good work chef.

talking about chefs...

this looks good.
right ?

but i was just wondering...
are there any films kicking around that don't have scarlett johansson in them ?

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