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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

no thank-you turkish... i'm sweet enough.

how about these bad boys ?
from the nordic pack a few years ago.
the af-1's are fine and dandy but it's the laces really isn't it ?

they came free with the sneakers as a spare set.
i think i mentioned that they were free and that i didn't pay for them
as i was going to work in a convoluted story so i could use the line "money for old rope"
but after posting the photo i went downstairs for a coffee and while i was
there i realised it wasn't going to be very funny...
( and i was right )

but talking of funny, the film "snatch" never fails to crack me up.
some of the phrases used in that film i still use on a regular basis today.
"two minutes turkish" is probably my favourite and most used .
but i do also like to say "zee germans" whenever talking about germans

as in "i'm going to stop this post in a minute because it's almost time to watch
man utd lose at home to zee germans"

which is true

so before i mention "do you know what nemesis means"

i'll leave you with this little clip of brick top.

i wish i could decline sugar in such a sinister way.

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