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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

behind the scenes and the sock game

just a few pics today from some shoots i did over the past four days.
oh, and a couple of bonus sock pics.

it's difficult to see here but in this portrait shoot, the subject was lit from 
the big window on the right of the frame.
i used a small battery light mounted onto my tripod on the left-hand side
just to fill in a little on the side of her face.
the shots i submitted to the client were closer in and shot a couple of paces to my left.
i just took a few paces back and to the side here to show the lighting.

i thought this looked interesting.
me and all my mates having a bite to eat.

the things at the top of the frame are the tentacles of a giant squid.

trying to get some lobsters to look down the lens.
never work with children or lobsters... right ?

oysters though...
oysters are no problem.
they pose up very nicely, looking at the camera the whole time and they keep pretty still.

i tried stance socks for the first time the other day.
these were tube socks. 
very comfortable.
a little too white for me, but very nice ankle coverers.

mrs w today.
wearing chups like a boss.

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