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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

chinese food and gareth bale

so... remember the street food market in beijing i was telling you about the other day ?

i returned.

and i saw...

some of those things... what are they called ?
i like that the ones in the middle look a bit like roast potatoes.

no idea. hopefully they're desserts of some type ?

er... are those grasshoppers or something ?
two big ones on a stick for 50p
it was tempting but...

two murky brown scorpions on a stick didn't tempt me either,
because i'd spotted something much more tasty looking.

black scorpions !

ok these look edible. they remind me of the tunnocks snowballs
we used to have in cafes up north.
but they were probably sharks eyes in coconut or something.

shyeah ! who's going to buy three deep fried crabs on a stick ?


what do you suppose these were ?
they looked nice but i was harbouring doubts.

woah !
the drinks had dry ice in them.
isn't that illegal ?

toffee apples ? with tiny apples ?
some sort of toffee covered fruit anyway right ?

er... raw internal organs ?
though they probably barbeque them for you 
( i hope )
i was beginning to think i'd never find anything to eat

what these lads need to do is think outside the box.
think what northern blokes who happened to be working in beijing would like to eat.

bingo !

fried egg and chips on a stick.
that's pure genius, just think about it.

like a diamond bullet through the temple.

pure 100% genius.

after my egg and chips i carried on taking some more photos of the place
i like the menu which not only offers roast young pigeon
but also illustrates it with an image of a mother pigeon returning to her
nest to find her young have been roasted.


oh. i guess that's one in real life.

it was about this point that i started regretting wolfing down the deep fried
egg and chips on a stick.

plus it was getting dark, so i took this last photo then headed back to my hotel 
for egg and chips.

what ?

oh and if you've always wanted to see somebody draw gareth bale in a minute...

more nonsense tomorrow.


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