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Monday, 28 April 2014

iphone monday ( more paris nonsense )

of course. following on from yesterday's final photo is this gem
boom !

some chewy i bought in paris.
not sure i'll be doing any smiling though.

the breakfast situation at the hotel in paris was not ideal.
a ham and cheese omelette is acceptable but this is how it arrived.
nothing else edible on the side.

i think i showed you the view from the balcony previously.
i guess it was impressive if you like rooftops and you've never been to blackpool.

talking of impressive.
mrs w took this photo of me enjoying the louvre.
enjoying the crowds and not moaning at all.

i think i also showed you the shortbread biscuits at cafe kitsune.
but they're worth a second look i reckon.

maybe even a third look

( alright, that's enough - ed )

the coffee was magic darts.
as were my glorias.

i took this photo of mrs w.

and insisted she return the favour.

oi oi !

a suit i fancied.
( givenchy )

finalhome doing that thing that tourists do.

back home at whitfield towers and putting my feet up for the bank holiday monday
watching holiday on the buses.

perfect !

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