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Saturday, 12 April 2014

square iphone photos ( for instagram )

a load more iphone pics that i took in the square format for use on instagram

@markwhitfieldphotography if you're interested.

my new favourite brand
coleg bywyd.

the keys i carry every day, and how i carry them.

looking from the ground floor into the basement at the orla kiely shop
in wc2.

a flat white at the monocle cafe.

glassware at the conran shop.


nike af-1 i.d's with kenzo socks.
perfect for bus travel.

some tat on my shelf.

more tat.
a baby milo 70% bearbrick keychain.

the sailor is still a big look in margate.

coffee and stickers in a margate cafe.

pub lunch with a friend in herne bay.
chilli con carne and some jockeys...
magic darts !

mrs w came home with these last friday evening.
genius !
that's a party right there.

my sew-on wales badges.
two from admiral days, one from kappa.

leaving the towers last saturday for an afternoon of nonsense.

thinking about setting up a self-portrait in apostrophe w1
last saturday.

a splendid way of showing your number to the postman.

a sausage and black pudding roll with a cheeky pint at the bull and last.

a coffee chart at eat.

some air max 1's i picked up at liberty  on monday.

packing for a shoot on the island on tuesday
passport included.

detail of adelphi hotel sticker.

on the ferry to the island i necked back some coffee i'd made earlier.
my flask game is on point.

ok i was so bored on the ferry that i took this photo of the selvedge
on my deeply welsh jeans.

during the shoot on wednesday.

on friday, back on the mainland i went for a haircut in n1.
as usual i was there before the barbers turned up.

more iphone square pics next week


  1. you managed to get a pair of the RT's then! I lucked out on nike store, went for the mids (my first ever mid) I just felt there was so much more detail on the tongue and heel counter that it would be criminal not to purchase them over the low. what did you go for?

  2. mark, ever done your own 'essentials'? can't imagine where you'd start!