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Thursday, 3 April 2014

riccardo, me, haim and lucy

i'm going to tell you all about these bad boys next week.
riccardo tisci x nike af-1's
but for now i'll leave you to google riccardo tisci
and to marvel at the outrageous changes he made to my favourite sneaker.

i had a shoot in a restaurant early this morning.
so this was always going to happen.
fair play to the american lady. trying to do the n7 pose.
a pretty good effort i'd say.

there was a bloke nearby trying to put us off while my camera was
taking the above frame with it's self-timer.

i asked him if he wanted to step up and he said yes sir.
could he do any better ?

schoolboy error... smiling at my camera.

the n7 pose is not an easy one to pull off.
overconfidence was his downfall.

have you seen the new england kit for the world cup ?

i'll mention it later in the month when i do my review of world cup kits
but before i do that i would like to give a mention to the fine work done
by nike with the launch of the usa away kit.

apart from getting clint dempsey to model it, they also got a few
celebs to pose up in it too... spike lee, some lads who play those silly american
sports and...
these three lasses.


i wonder if they'll do anything similar with the new england away kit ?

any suggestions as to which english celebs we could use ?

and finally...

i don't care what anybody says.
i'm going to watch this film.

luc besson usually comes up with the goods

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