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Friday, 25 April 2014

paris, paris.

more pics from last weekend in gay paris.

the whitfields bringing heat to the louvre.
missoni x converse auckland racers for mrs w.
undefeated x nike lunar force 1's for me.

mrs w taking a rest from walking around the louvre.
and taking a rest from listening to my stories.

after scratching around the louvre for a few hours i was jonesing for a decent coffee.
i was just thinking to myself it would be skill if we found a proper coffee shop when
all of a sudden cafe kitsune appeared.

i ordered up a flat white and took a few snaps.
the cups were for sale by the way.

so were these pens

iphone covers too.
the one with parisien on it had no chance

the one with foxes on though... hmmm

in the end i wasn't tempted by any cafe kitsune tat,
but i did buy a biscuit ( or two )

they were shortbread after all.

after a while it was time to stop getting on their nerves by taking photos
and to skulk out to the park and drink the flat white / eat the biscuit.

nice railings and what not in the park. it might have been called 
the royal palace gardens... but i might be wrong.

some street art. not bad.

some stickers on a french road sign.

you know i like foxes don't you ?
this is a good one.
an orange bus with a fox logo.

i dislike this sort of thing almost as much as i dislike human statues.

people whacking padlocks on bridges.
i saw some jokers had started doing it on the millennium footbridge a few weeks ago.
i hope the authorities cut them all off.
or maybe try to trace the people who put them there...
and send them to prison...
what ?

oh look...
orange padlocks...

i like those .

look. that's just encouraging padlockery.
i bet he's not a licensed padlock salesman either.

i like that round-ish padlock by the way.
not as much as i like the orange ones but it definitely has something.

putting a sticker on top of somebody's padlock.
that's rude.

what the what ?!

people even putting padlocks on the lamps.

it seems a bit of a liberty to me.

but still, it's in paris not london so i shouldn't moan.

a moan free blog post tomorrow then.

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