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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

chinese food

i started to tell you about a meal i had in china, remember ?

when we were invited into a family's home and they cooked for us.

i'll show you some behind the scenes pics tomorrow but for now
( as it's nearly tomorrow anyway )
here are some pics of the food we were served.

this is a pic of the four dishes.

to be honest, i just took photos. i have no idea what the dishes were called.

here they are individually.

er... some peppers and what not.

this was too un-meaty for me to even feign interest in.

i didn't touch this one either to be honest.
am i a bad person ?

i didn't mean to be rude, i just don't eat those kind of vegetable things.
i was with 4 other people anyway, and they all tucked in...

plus i was just the photographer...

right ?

ok i ate some of this. it was a big old omelette kind of thing.
i'm pretty rubbish with chopsticks but i gave this a go.
omelette and chilli.
what's not to like ?

behind the scenes pics tomorrow.

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