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Sunday, 27 April 2014

iphone sunday

more iphone pics i want to share with you before i get back onto proper pics.

riccardo tisci x nike af-1's on the top deck of a no. 17 bus.
like a boss / like a bus

some thank-you cards i spotted in marc jacobs a couple of weeks ago.

another set of cards. this type for gentlemen arranging an evening out.

these would be perfect for sending to people you didn't like who were 
getting married. or perhaps people you didn't care for who had just
taken delivery of a baby.

the back of a road sign at the end of my street.
what ?

a magazine i spotted at tallulah in n1 which i thought could
be amended using photoshop to be of some use to sockclub london.

what the what ?!

old ads were crazy.

some model soldiers.
wait a minute... no, they're not soldiers...
model snowboarders !

my bape door-stop / door wedge thing.

the same street sign at the end of my road with a bit of flare.

and now... moving onto my paris iphone pics.

first thing i do when checking into any hotel...
self-portrait in the bathroom mirror.

do you like goyard ?
i must admit, i like the pattern but...

oh, it's a long story, but needless to say the punchline is
that i'm boycotting goyard.

which is a shame... look at the orange case i saw outside their store in paris.
oh well.

window shopping in gay paris.
i like the idea of these rolex bezel bracelets but i guess they are for ladies.

also for ladies ( i hope )
those foul tisci knee-high af-1's still available ( funnily enough )
in colette.

also in colette.
i like camo but...

spending-wise i did pretty well in paris.
i was there for three days and all i bought apart from coffee
and french onion soup was this...
a new addition to my pomade armoury.

looks like somebody left an n7 sticker outside colette.

i met up with a french bloke who i met through instagram.
mrs w took a photo to commemorate the happy occasion and two
stoke newington type women photobombed us.

that's better. as you can see from our smiles, we were a lot happier with 
take two, when the "ladies" did the decent thing and hid from the camera.

you know what ? i have too many square iphone pics from paris
and i have work to do.

so i'll pack in here and leave you with this pic.

and the easy question:
what do you think the next photo will be ?

the answer, with more parisian iphone pics, tomorrow.


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