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Thursday, 24 April 2014


here are a few photos from gay paris last weekend.

some leaves and stuff.

so... i went to this art gallery in paris.
i forget what it was called now but it was underneath a big pyramid.
you could probably google it.
there were lots of interesting paintings there.
i like this one of some lad carrying a cross.
look at the woman on the right... did somebody just photoshop a face onto her tea-towel ?

i really like it when you see creatures with mixed up body parts.
like a man on a horses body, or a goat legged fellow.
or how about a fox's head on the body of a swan ?
or a blackbird's head on a raven's torso...

i don't know if the lad on the right is pointing at the other lad's winky
or offering it an apple.

i hate this painting.

woah ! look...

a dog trying to make friends with a monkey.

where to begin ?
there's a whole heap of wrong going on here but probably the part that had me 
whispering "problems" under my breath is the two babies kissing.
or is one a baby and the other is an angel ?

oh... that's all right then.

after i'd finished spotting "problems" with the paintings i moved onto the african 
sculptures room. i like this one. it kind of reminds me of the one in that tintin book.

no idea what this one is about though.

on the way out i went past a room with a massive queue.

it was the ladies bathroom !
( right girls ? )

then i saw a room with a crowd of almost the same size...
i thought it might be another ladies because in the distance i could see a female
symbol on the door.

but no... it wasn't a queue for the bathroom.
it was a crowd gathered around some painting of an italian bird
( excuse my dip into 1970's parlance if you will )

yeah, good luck with that one mate.

this was as close as i could be bothered going.
it was worse that the crowd outside supreme today.
( right kids ? )

so i headed off to grab a coffee.

tomorrow i'll show you that coffee
( it was a nice one )

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