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Saturday, 5 April 2014

hancock v.a. x converse jack purcells

one of the nicest pairs of converse i've seen in a long, long time.

a collab with hancock v.a.

nice little touches on the box was a good sign.

as was a drawstring bag in hancock v.a. material printed with images
of siphonia elastic... the plant which yields the highest amount of rubber
per something or other ( i wasn't really listening )

the sneakers also have the same printing on their interior

and inside the tongue.

oh and on the insole.
note also the special label and hancock metal aglets.

the upper of the jack purcells i should have mentioned previously utilises
hancock v.a. vulcanised rubbber material. i guess it's like a rubberised canvas 
or cotton. so it's pretty much waterproof.
see the metal eyelets ?

the top eyelets are branded hancock v.a. eyelets.
no, i know it's no big deal. it's just a nice touch.

special heel loops too.
very nice indeed.

all in all one of the best pairs of converse i've seen in a good while.
perfect for the great british summer... they're rainproof.

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