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Monday, 17 October 2011

arsenal fc food and drink review

when sunderland equalised on sunday after about 30 minutes,
that was the end of my 4-0 prediction.  

seeing as the football being played was of shockingly low quality, i decided to 
treat myself to a pie and a coffee before the half-time queues of unhappy arsenal fans.

oh dear...
a load of lagers poured 15 minutes before half-time... that's a dealbreaker !

just at the top of the frame it's good to see they are selling bovril.
bovril is proper old school isn't it ?  my 1966 world cup final programme
has a massive bovril advert in it. i think i'll go for it during the first cold game.

hmmm... they  also sell wine, red, white or rose ? maybe i should have asked
to see the wine list ? ask if the sommelier had any recommendations ?

in the end i opted for a chicken balti pie and a black coffee ( £6.80 )

have a look at the pies
they'd sold out of steak and onion already and obviously those two vegetarian
pies were never going to sell, but lots of chicken balti pies left.

it felt reassuringly heavy
and surprisingly warm

£6.80 ?
i settled down to enjoy my snack before the hoards of disgruntled arsenal
fans descended on the 'food court'

interesting looking pie
i liked that it was quite yellow looking

and you know what ?
it was magic darts !

seriously, that pie was the best thing i saw during my afternoon at the emirates.
it was the only thing that performed well too.

alas, the coffee was as poor as arsenal's defending.
the fans next to me were so up in arms about how shoddy arsenal were playing
that they failed to notice how flat their overpriced lager was.

listening to their mixture of football wisdom and industrial language, i learned that
the majority of them were of the opinion that wenger must go.

so there you have it... a blog exclusive. the fans have had enough.

good pies though.

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