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Thursday, 20 October 2011

on saturday

i spotted some more cafe spelling mistakes in n7
bolognaise ?

liquior ?

i also stopped off for a flat white at the department of coffee and social affairs
10/10 as per

i took note of a fantastic billboard
i know they're far from the best, but chips are chips.

in mayfair... well this looked to me as if he was about to have a gypsy's
but it turned out he was just texting with one hand while the other hand was
in his pocket.

across the road from him in a shop window i spotted
some gruesome shoes.

i dropped my shoulder and left mayfair behind, making my way to soho
where i took this shot off the hip as i was walking along...
the bloke on the left was wearing brogues that looked like they were made from copper.
shiny metallic brogues... outrageous footwear !

talking of outrageous, for the sake of decency i ran a mosaic mask over the
other chap's footwear... ( they were reeboks ) and over his face too, to protect
him from the shame of wearing reeboks in broad daylight in w1 and being spotted.

lurking on lexington street
some lad rocking the bape tote bag from last winter... tidy.

now i like evisu jeans as much as the next man...
as long as the next man is not that japanese bloke i saw on broadwick st !

you know the drill after this... c2, to parliament hill... bull and last... scotch egg...
red wine... schlep home to whitfield towers etc etc...

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