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Monday, 24 October 2011

nike sb what the dunk

in my previous post ( the one below this ) i ended by saying
'women eh ? what are they like with shoes'
i did that on purpose knowing i was going to post this up next.

stel's shoes were stylish and maybe a bit crazy but it's not only women who
can wear crazy, extravagant, bright shoes is it ?

i think it's time i started showing you some more of my crate.
i've been messing about too much recently with stickers,
arsenal and other nonsense... let's get back on track and talk
about some of the heat that's to be found at whitfield towers.

so... on display, but boxed.
i'll show you the bottom box next week

but for today let's talk about this
two boxes and a bag

the players
for some of you out there this is a 'grail' pair isn't it ?
you know what's in the box

you know the story here
for the rest of you, as you can see, these are from this time 4 years ago.

in the white box is a book

nothing but the truth
a quality hardback publication

with pages and pages of skateboard photos

and a cd
no kidding, the first time i opened the book was just now to take these photos.
i've no idea what's on the cd even... i just put it back.

back when these were released in 2007 i played the game a little
differently to how i play it today.
i knew this was an important release. a much sought after limited edition
and i just had to have them. the shoes themselves i doubt i will ever wear.
( when you see them you'll know why )
still, i did at least keep to my principals and buy them in my size.

i bought them from a bloke who had queued for two nights to buy them.
here is his wristband... he was no. 21 in the queue as you can see.
he spent two nights in the cruel october weather outside niketown to buy these.
ay carumba !

yes i'm still teasing here
trying to show the quality that oozes from this release. the gold sb box
seems to be made from better cardboard than af-1 boxes, plus the inside
of the box has woodgrain printed all over it.

the paper inside has the woodgrain print too.
ok... enough of the tease. let's do the reveal...

i won't lie. these shoes are a problem.
where do i begin ?

here's another view
so now you can see why i won't ever wear them.

personally, i'm not a fan of the sb style. the thing i dislike most is the 
massively padded tongue. chances are if they made these in af-1 style
i'd wear them, but this pair for me is a pure collectors piece.

they are like a piece of art. i feel a bit bad that i keep them in a box.
maybe i should put them on display ?
anyway, here they are... my pair of nike sb what the dunks

so let's get into the shoe
i don't really know the full story but it's something along the lines of 
nike making a compilation pair of sb dunks using elements from rare
and favourite edition dunks from their back catalogue.
i reckon every single pert of each shoe is in a different material.

the soles too.
they have different insoles and one red outsole, one olive green.

13 ( my number of choice )

probably not one piece of this view that i like

maybe the blue and white mid panel
it seems like it's made from a shirt... yes, i kind of like that bit.

i like the use of denim
but i'm not a fan of the shape of the heel and heel tab to be honest.

i'm not a fan of the secondary swoosh either
i think i only have 3 pairs of af-1's with a secondary swoosh.
in fairness it works well here though as almost every part has a different coloured trim.

i like this shoe the best of the two
because of the tweed-like toe box
( and the hi-vis laces )

7 ?
7 for me will always be the number of the king

nice mid panel here. also the gold swoosh... is that from the money cat editions ?
corking leather 'x' stitches on this shoe too.
it's a good job there are 3 x's though... if there were just two of them i'm 
pretty sure kaws would start crying like a baby

heck yes ! the pigeon is representing.
( and no, i don't have a pair of pigeon dunks )

nice padded sock liner on this shoe
but joder, i can't be doing with those padded tongues.

so there you have it. my nike sb what the dunks
if these were released today i would sleep on them, but back in 2007 i was
chasing these like a boss.
if you ever see a pair of ebay or at flight club you'll know how much these are worth.

 i don't like them, but i like them. does that make sense ?
maybe that's all part of being a sneakerhead ?

ok. i'd appreciate your thoughts on these. any comments are welcome.

in a few days i'll show you perhaps an even stranger looking pair from
my collection. a pair i haven't worn, but i would seriously consider wearing
for a special occasion.
a pair that arrived in the heaviest box of all time and a pair that are possibly
the most valuable pair in my collection.

until then... whistle whistle click click !


  1. I think important items like these should be preserved in their box, hidden from damaging sunlight

  2. maybe I could brick up the windows at whitfield towers ?
    i believe that would prevent any of my displayed collection being affected
    by the strong n7 sunlight.