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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

nike air force one ( beijing olympics closing ceremony editions )

a little while ago i showed you what was inside this top box
( my nike sb what the dunks )
today i'm going to reveal what's in the other box

here it is
does this look heavier than usual ?

well it is... it's a really heavy box
which opens from the front to reveal...

... a ( heavy ) black wooden box inside
with metallic gold dots spelling out 08-08-08
8th august 2008... the date of the beijing olympics closing ceremony.

the lid of the wooden box lifts out and over
to reveal an intricate gold pattern

here's a closer look
more of this pattern later

next, the front panel of the box, which is held up my magnets, folds down.
to reveal a drawer.

pull out the wooden drawer, and we're getting onto familiar territory
disappointingly standard paper and an af-1 certificate

open up the paper and it's time for the big reveal...
what the what ?!

i love goooooooooollllllddddd !
these are fire !

oh... by the way, underneath the paper is a black velvet drawstring bag
with 08-08-08 stitched onto it using gold thread.

these shoes are a problem !
no matter what you think of these photos, trust me... these look even crazier
in real life. they are gold gold gold.

they are made from premium leather. mainly gold, but the sock liner
uses black glove leather
and the insole, black leather with gold laser etched pattern.

nice gold keychain
the mid panel, swoosh and toe box are in plain gold

the foxing, eye stay and tip are in gold leather with a laser etched black pattern.
they even have a gold leather wrap midsole which is complimented by black stitching and a black outsole.

the heel tabs are free from nike air and swoosh markings
and instead, they have two slightly different laser etched gold panels

black waxed laces with gold tips

gold dubres too
perfect !

the tongues are gold leather with black laser etching and black and gold tab
and that's about it.

i will wear these one day in the next couple of years.
maybe for a special occasion, like a wedding, birthday or some such event.
maybe i'll save them for when wales qualify for the world cup finals ?
or for when gerry buys a round of drinks ?

who knows when i'll wear them but i will wear them soon.

and on that day i will be bringing some serious heat to the streets of n7.

like a boss !

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  1. Fascinating! The packaging and presentation of these are crazy... You definitely won't be be hard to find when wearing those AF-1's.