snapshots and observations

Monday, 31 October 2011


i had a meeting at sketch this morning.

check out the nice latte i had while i was waiting
have you ever been to sketch ? it's a great place and well worth a visit 
even if it's just for a coffee, cake and a look at the art.

look at the little sugar bowls
i think that's paul reaney

and check out the cloakroom attendant's place
a great place for a portrait eh ?

on a wall nearby were some little blank pieces of metal
( i didn't take a photo of them )
about the size of a postcard.
but when you go close up to them and stare into the metal...
you kind of see into a room and it seems like you're spying on somebody.

this is really strange too. it's an installation in the lobby
it just looks like a red stick of light.
so you look at it and hmmm... it's just a red light

then you turn away and wow !
you get a subliminal image in the corner of your eye... love
it looks nothing like this to be honest.
i thought it would be impossible to photograph because i think it only works 
properly with human eyes and brain. so i just moved my camera
around and took a shot. but as i took the shot it didn't work for my eye.

in real life you look at it and see a red stick. you turn away and you get the message
'love' in the corner of your eye for a split second... it's really weird.

oh just trust me... get over to sketch one day. there are lots of interesting
things to look at and they do corking cakes.

or maybe just watch the short film to get a flavour of sketch...


  1. The sugar bowl is in fact a lemon squeezer - made by Polly George of Luna & Curious.

  2. cheers adam. i'm not sure if it would be much use as a sugar bowl or a lemon squeezer, but it was a nice looking thing anyway.