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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

views of the hardwick

the hardwick is an old pub in abergavenny which is now an amazing
restaurant run by the talented chef stephen terry.

there's a corking bar if you just want to have drinks
and there are fantastic rooms in a new building behind the 
restaurant if you want to stay for a night or two.

so what does the hardwick look like ?

well here's one view
it's a nice illustration but it is taking some liberties.
though the hardwick is surrounded by hills, it is actually on a very flat road.

and here's another view
i like alexis snell's prints very much.
it's certainly a view of the hardwick but it looks a bit gloomy compared to the
view of the hardwick that i saw during my stay.

here are some of my views of the hardwick
the accommodation block is the wooden building behind the restaurant.
the blue skies and sunshine are always there in wales... trust me.

here's another view of the accommodation block
and the tiled outdoor dining area

the hardwick is surrounded by beautiful welsh countryside
and as you know, it seldom rains in wales

wow ! what a great place to have a restaurant

and the accommodation is first class... i recommend you stay there
i've convinced myself now... i'm going back soon !

because the weather is always like this in wales, right ?

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