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Thursday, 13 October 2011

eames house bird

i received a present from twentytwentyone a week or so ago ( thank-you )
an eames house bird.

the packaging was safe 
sometimes this is the best part isn't it ?

and inside the packaging...
oi oi !

the eames house bird is beautiful
don't you think ?

it's also very photogenic
oh, these pics are all with my new 25mm f1.4 lens by the way.

not only does the eames house bird look good, but it also feels good.
you need to hold one for a minute and see what i mean.
see one and hold one in real life and you will buy it.
i think you can buy them in a select few places but of course i would recommend
you buy yours from twentytwentyone... they do mail order too, if you're outside london.

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  1. Nice pics! I've wanted one of these for absolutely ever. It's going on the christmas list fo sho.