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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

the language of heaven

as you all know, welsh is the language of heaven.

it's a magical language that sounds beautiful, even when duffy is singing it.

it is pleasing to look at, even though it resembles a bad hand at scrabble.

here are a few snapshots from my recent trip to y fenni.

even a car park sign looks good in welsh.
ha ha ! look at the welsh word for 'display'... what a great word.
damn i've got to learn to speak at least a little bit of welsh.

wales is a fair trade nation
translates as...

mae cymru yn genedl fasnach deg
which i must admit, didn't go down too well with my spellcheck just then.

well i never knew that about abergavenny
did you ?

and here's another sign regarding the syrup making skills of the locals
i must admit, i saw nobody in abergavenny last sunday wearing periwigs.
lot's of baseball caps but no periwigs.

even the post office stamp machine held a strange fascination for me
when it's instructions were printed in welsh...
hmmm... at least the welsh for 'hour' looks like the way you pronounce it.

i wonder why there is no welsh word for 'post' ?
and why is 'get more' three words in welsh ?
i need to learn welsh.

another ceramic piece of welshness
nice rabbit.

i went to abergavenny castle. if you can guess what i bought in the gift shop
there i will give you £100 cash
i'll show you in another post soon, but basically it's something you wouldn't
expect to find in a castle gift shop.

what the what ?!
oh that's not nice.
memo to self... if an englishman invites you over for christmas dinner, don't go.

no idea what this means, i just love seeing welsh words.
and i'm going to start learning the language of heaven soon.


  1. 'Mwy i chi' literally translates as 'more to you' but Welsh grammar is pretty damn complicated.

    That last sign says 'Danger. No climbing on the walls'

  2. I've got something for you... email me your address (or venture over to N7/N19 borders)