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Thursday, 27 October 2011

season ticket bonus box

as you know, i'm a fully fledged arsenal season ticket holder for 2011-2012.

my mate danny got me the season ticket and yesterday i saw him
as i was driving to a shoot in w1. danny is a cab driver by the way.

i pulled over into a parking space in camden and danny did the same
( though obviously without indicating )

after exchanging a bit of comic banter he said 
"oi, i've got something for you in me boot"
and handed me a package containing...
an arsenal season ticket holder's bonus box.

it's got a cracking metal badge, a couple of decent books and a very tidy arsenal wallet.

now as you know... i'm not an arsenal fan, so does anybody want this ?

i'm not going to spend good money posting it, but if anybody wants to collect it
from n7 or meet me in the west end for a coffee one day, it's yours.


  1. i'll have it. would be good to have a catch up too.

  2. no problem charlie.
    you were the first to ask... it's all yours.
    call me when you're free.

  3. is it still available?
    owning this would be dream for a fan far from emirates..
    I'm a Malaysian..stumble upon this blog, foolishly hope for miracle answer..

  4. sorry tim,
    it went to charlie a day or so afterwards.

  5. Haha..its okay..thanks anyway