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Monday, 17 October 2011

arsenal v sunderland... more pics

i do like a good old ritual, and while i'm a season ticket holder for one season only
i'm going to get gooner jeff to take a photo of me at every home game.

here's his best effort from the sunderland game...
me and possibly the worst coffee i've had since i was given one at a vegan
restaurant that i was photographing a couple of years ago.

with the game finely poised at 1-1 and time running out, arsenal won a free-kick.

i took a photo as robin van persie miss-hit the ball and it somehow curved over the wall
and eluded the sunderland goalkeeper... 2-1 to the arsenal !

all but one person in the crowd went crazy celebrating
van persie took his shirt off for some reason
( he'll be sorry about that one day soon )

and while wenger watched from the sidelines and van persie was shown a
yellow card for his shirtlessness, one large voice in an even larger
 yellow polo shirt began to sing a song which nobody knew the words to.
and a voice from behind informed me... "we're only ten points behind you mugs now"

next home game: stoke city.

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