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Friday, 21 October 2011

favourite spare laces

my blog my rules.

if i want to show you my favourite spare laces then i'll do it.

these came with a pair of bobbito garcia designed nike af-1's
hi-vis yellow with metal tips...
( on the shoes, i went with the beige set of laces )

these  came with my uslu airlines af-1's
hi-vis pink with metal tips...
( on the shoes i went with the white laces with pink flecks )

little pouches containing spare laces for my marc jacobs / vans
the vans are white and orange. i went with orange laces, in these bags
are the white set.

if you think that was a boring post, wait until next week when i show
you my favourite socks !


  1. Never the less, your blog your rules, I still appreciate the commitment to sharing..

  2. thanks pc.

    it's good to know that some people appreciate what I'm doing here.

    to me, even spare laces have style and importance.

    wait until you see my special nike socks though.
    they are a design classic.