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Thursday, 13 October 2011


oh come on... who doesn't like stickers ?

you can put them on your books, your suitcase, laptop, desk...
you can put stickers anywhere and they kind of look good don't they ?

last week i had some stickers made from some of my photos.
they are on high quality vinyl and maybe a centimetre bigger than a credit card.
genius !

so... who wants a sticker or two ?
mmmm... the full english breakfast sticker is a corker.
so is the condiment wedding group shot.

me and the dragon ? ok, maybe that's one that only i would like
the churros sticker came out well though, as did the torquay ice cream.

perhaps my favourite sticker is the chip on a fork
then again... i like them all.

stickers... coming soon to all blog comments that i find interesting.


  1. Interesting hmmm..

    Salvador Dali designed the Chupa-Chups wrapper.

    The piece of paper that you fold up and put under a table leg to stop it wobbling is called a Ludlow.

  2. I Love Stickers!
    I dont have anything interesting tho ...
    except maybe a little piece of information. Im working on something special. Something creative. Something I think you'll "fancy"...

  3. stickers on their way to alan and pc.

  4. Nice!

    Where are the stickers showing some Nike AF-1 action?

    Si Carter

  5. my af-1 collection will be represented in the next batch.

  6. The current Welsh flag was'nt granted official status until 1959.


  7. gavin, what the cuss is going on with that apostrophe ?

  8. Sorry bach, not very good with that English language thing.

  9. ha ha !
    i haven't heard 'bach' used since i used to watch 'ivor the engine' and dai station used to call jones, 'jones bach'
    tell me your address and i'll post you a few stickers.

  10. my foreign work colleagues got me an ivor cup to enjoy my tea. cheers for stickers you could put them in with Alans, save on the postage. Mr Dinwiddy.

  11. blues legend - john lee hooker - put a microphone in an empty toilet and sang into it in order to get echo on his voice (before the days you could do it in a studio)...

    yes, it's true...

  12. the collective noun for a group of jugglers is a 'neverthriving'.

  13. 'trivia' comes from a crossroads in Rome where women used to meet to gossip. It was where three roads met, hence tri via.

  14. le tissier you're onto a winner there.

    by far the most interesting comment... apart from the intriguing words from pc...

    stickers on their way to hereford at the weekend.

  15. send one along to Toronto and I'll do my best to find a parking post that will make you proud.

  16. jax,

    send me your address and i'll post a few stickers to you.

  17. When I tried googling "Mark Whitfield" all I found was :

    "Mark Whitfield (c. 1967) is an American hard bop and soul-jazz guitarist born in Syosset, New York, probably better known for his recordings as bandleader for both the Verve and Warner Bros. Records record labels."

    Close but no cigar.