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Thursday, 20 October 2011

laces ( competition tie-break )

maybe this is only interesting to three people but here goes...
time to dig out my bag of laces.
so... the three people in with a shout of winning the print are:

simon p, with a guess of 212 pairs ( good luck with that one )
alexis with a guess of 77 lacets ( whatever that means )
gf, with a guess of 39

and here they all are...
and i make it 72 spare pairs of laces which means that alexis wins !

although i was seriously toying with the idea of disqualifying alexis for 
answering in french, i checked back and i didn't state in the rules that all
answers had to be in english ( and rules are rules right ? )

ironically if we didn't have rules where would we be ? 

so... alexis, send me a comment here ( in english please )
informing me of your address.
i won't publish it, but i will be sending you what i think is a really good prize.
the limited edition print of my 2 minutes with erin o'connor.

well played to everybody, and a special well played to alexis.

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