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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

good cop, bad cop... good hair, bad hair.

last week i had a shoot at circus.
ro-lo was on assisting duties.

now i love circus... the concept, the design, the food, the staff... it's all good.
but maybe my favourite thing about circus is that it is so photogenic...
or rather it has lots of places which are interesting backdrops to portraits.

during a break i decided to take a shot of ro-lo while she gave me one
of her trademark suspicious looks. i also managed to get myself in the shot
( mirror, signal, manoeuvre )
ro-lo has good hair. i think her hair is her thing.
i recently asked her if she would consider straightening it and she shot me a glance
which i can only describe as 'bad twin-esque'

my hair however was not on form this day. it was what i would describe as being 
'on it's last legs' and indeed i went for a haircut the next day.

anyway, there you have it. good cop bad cop, good hair bad hair.

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