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Friday, 14 October 2011

competition time

oh come on... doesn't anybody want to win this competition ?

let's keep it going for another 4 days.
at midnight tuesday in the uk this competition will end

until then,  here's the prize again...

it's a digital contact sheet of a shoot i did with the model erin o'connor
a few years ago... a two minute shoot.

i had 13 of these printed up for an exhibition a few years ago and i have three left.
it's 50 x 35cm, glossy photographic paper and it's signed and numbered.

( i signed it so that you can easily crop out my scrawl if you want to )
as you can see, the print on offer is number 11 from the 13 printed.

this is one of my favourite prints because it's not just a chosen image from a shoot,
it's the whole shoot. it shows you what i did during the 90 seconds or so
i spent on the fire escape at the old vic theatre with erin o'connor
( who is wearing a matthew williamson dress by the way )
although time was tight, erin was on good form and from 12 frames she gave me
12 different looks ( which is 11 more than i have )

so to win this highly collectable limited edition print / worthless piece of paper
just answer the following questions... 

how many pairs of sneakers do i own ?
how many spare pairs of laces do i own ?

the prize will go to whoever guesses the first question correctly ( or is closest )
in the event of more than one person having the correct answer, the lace question
will act as the decider.

good luck.


  1. let me be the first to congratulate Gary on another competition win!

    Just so I can feel properly aggrieved as to having a punt and getting it wildly wrong:
    Pairs of shoes: 82
    Pairs of laces: 212

  2. shoes:140


  3. I'm gonna go with 65 pairs and 80 laces?
    Fingers crossed. Momotron

  4. Shoes: 66
    Laces: 88

    Might be horrible wrong this one…

  5. chaussures 94
    Lacets 77

  6. Kicks: 94
    Laces: 39


  7. wow, pressure building from simon...

    i'm going all out with this one -

    sneakers - 156
    laces - 78

    i've got a feeling you have been collecting for a long time...

  8. Trainers - 74 pairs
    Laces - 99

  9. I just spotted i mis-read the question in my haste to answer.
    I missed the word "spare" in the laces line hence my stupidly large guess :-(

  10. Can you give me clue and tell me how many feet you have?

  11. I have three feet. thank-you for your enquiry.

  12. two pair one for best... and one bit of rope... which you wash now and then.. hows me luck any chance or wot !

  13. Daps: 111
    Laces: 45


  14. Trainers - 56
    Laces - 25