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Monday, 17 October 2011

arsenal v sunderland pre-match

i got to the emirates stadium early on sunday so i could meet up with 
a couple of friends of mine who were there shooting the game for two of
the best newspapers in the country ( ahem )

this is where i sit by the way
in the seat behind that bloke.

here are my two mates, graham ( 20 ) and andy ( 65 )
that's their bib numbers not there ages ok ?
i've known these two for years now, but strangely i don't have nicknames for either.

graham took a commemorative photo of me and andy
shocking pose from andy... schoolboy error.

then andy took a shot of me and graham
i wasn't that happy with the barrier between us...

... so i moved a little closer to graham
hmmm... perhaps that was too close ?

after a good old catch up with andy and graham i made my way to my seat
and watched the stadium begin to fill up.
hold tight. i thought i was the only person bringing style to this match but
that geezer was turning heads with his bathing ape 1st camo snowboard jacket.
fair play.

oh hello...
look who's here...
gooner jeff.
look at jeff's boat.
you know full well he's got a joke to tell.

gooner jeff sits in the seat behind me, but a few seats further along from him 
sits a really annoying bloke...
there he is, making his way to his seat... can you see him ?
yellow polo shirt, red and white scarf.

this bloke is a peppermint nightmare
he sings all the time and swears at everybody near him to join in.
everybody either ignores him or laughs at him. it's a strange one really.
i'm not going to sing because i'm not an arsenal fan, but nobody else joins in with him
mainly because his songs are rubbish and he makes most of them up so
nobody knows the words anyway... 

still, he does wonders for drink sales because at half-time nobody can stand
hanging around near him so they all shave off for a pint or two
i wonder why he doesn't go for a pint and a pie too ?

last time arsenal won a trophy he only weighed eleven stone
( joke © gooner jeff 2011 )

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