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Thursday, 20 October 2011

spare photos

here are some photos which have been kicking around in my blog folder.
i guess i thought they were interesting photos at the time,
but for some reason i never published them... until now.

suede nike dunk i.d's that i wore a couple of weekends ago.
i'll be honest with you... i'm not a fan of suede kicks.

this napkin was at southernhay house in exeter. 
it was probably the most expensive looking napkin i've seen.
amazing quality cotton.
if only i had a friend with the initials s.h.

kirsten dunst.
i was going to write a bit about how she always looks like she can't be bothered.
or like she's a little bit annoyed... maybe she's thinking about something slightly evil
too ? she always gives me the impression that she's in front of the camera but
she wishes she wasn't.
i was also going to show you a video of her in akihabara... but i didn't.

a shot of a table at the hardwick ( in wales )

yoghurt, nuts, fruit and honey.
a little something to snack on while waiting for my full welsh breakfast
to turn up at the hardwick.

award winning restaurant design in an unlikely setting
( bicester village )

i was going to tell you how much i like this song.
i saw mari wilson sing it at ronnie scott's many years ago.

miranda richardson does a cracking version of it in the film too.

pub dog at the kingham plough.

art at the haunch of v

er... that's about it.

now i'm all up to date.

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