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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

c & c curry shop

you know my style by now. keep it simple and hold tight with the vegetables.

in tokyo i found a cracking little joint near the train station in ikebukero
and i ate there most days. it was called c & c curry shop
from what i could make out, they sold all sorts of meaty things, with rice and curry sauce.

it was perfect for somebody who speaks no japanese. you simply enter the place,
put some money in a machine and press the photo of the dish you want.
the machine then gives you a ticket.
next you take a seat and hand the ticket to the bloke behind the counter.
he shouts the order to his mate in the kitchen, hands over a spoon and a glass of iced 
water and gestures to a card to see which type of curry you fancy.
naturally i opted for the hot curry.

a few seconds later
boom !
how do you like me now ?
chicken escalope, rice and hot curry sauce.

outstanding !


  1. We followed your advice and went to C&C curry in Yurakutcho (combining it with a visit to the massive Muji and Loft stores). And yeah, it's a cracker! The Yurakutcho one doesn't have a machine, you place your order with a real person and then choose your curry strength (like you, I chose HOT). I love the way they have the red pickles and onions in a dispenser on the table. Great tip!

  2. nice one george !
    i can't believe somebody out there actually reads my blog and takes my advice.
    i'm touched.

    c&c was a great place. i liked that i was always the only westerner in there and that the two blokes who worked there would always shout a welcome and a farewell to me.

    good times.