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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

like a boss

if somebody were to ask me what my favourite memory of tokyo was,
i would not hesitate in saying "the vending machines"

ok maybe that's a bit harsh. tokyo is a great city and has lots to offer...

... but seriously, those vending machines absolutely everywhere. 

my favourite brand of canned coffee is boss
this machine was just around the corner from my hotel

boss rainbow was pretty good
these bad boys are for cold coffee by the way. blue means cold.

the cans on the left with all japanese writing were very nice
and as you can see from the red tabs below, they come out hot ( perfect )

my favourite of the lot though was this
boss black.

it would warm my hands up as i walked back to my hotel and taste great
as i did a bit of early morning blogging.

it's a shame these machines wouldn't work over here. it's a credit to japan
that they have them everywhere, almost on every street corner doling out
tasty hot coffee ( and tea, hot chocolate, even soup ) and i never once saw
a machine that was out of order or had been vandalised.

half-time score: japan 1 uk 0

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