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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

cafe in e9

a few days ago i was early for a shoot so i popped into a cafe for a sneaky coffee.
it was a bit of a builders cafe if you know what i mean.
proper big-ass sandwiches and all that.

i took four photos while i was there.

a bloke came in to order a takeaway bacon butty. 
as ever, my first reaction was to check out the heat he brought in.

the sign on the left just about sums it all up doesn't it ?

although it was what i'd call a greasy spoon, they advertised flat whites.
naturally i ordered one and what the what ?!

a big mug of flat white !

though i think a dainty little cup and saucer would suit her better,
robo-cat tried her best with a big builders mug of flat white.
good girl.

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