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Thursday, 15 March 2012

nude espresso

i had a business meeting on friday and agreed to meet at nude espresso
in soho square.
it's the place i bought my 'keep cup' from the other week, remember ?

it's a belting little place and i'll definitely go back and shoot some interiors
in the next couple of weeks.

i ordered up a flat white ( of course )
which was absolutely knockout

i also did my first impulse purchase of the day
this was absolutely magic darts !
really light, soft, soggy ( or is moist a better word ? ) sponge
the man behind the counter told me it was an orange flavoured sponge
which was also drizzled with berry compote so the compote soaked in.
topping it off with a blueberry and a slice of strawberry meant that eating this
little fella was my 5-a-day all in one go right ?

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